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Christmas Stationery FREE Digital Stationery

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To save your 8.5x11 FREE stationeries, right click and "Save Target As..." on the text links under each thumbnail heading

The jpg files are for creating your own FREE stationeries and FREE scrapbook journaling pages using journaling or word processing software such as OpenOffice.

The pdf files are for printing and hand writing on your FREE Stationery Downloads.

The .dot files are for Microsoft Word stationery.

Holiday Christmas Tree Decoration Stationery downloadables   Christmas Holiday Socks and gifts stationery Free Template Papers   Christmas Candy and Gingerbread Men Holiday decorations free stationery downloads

Christmas 725            Santa 726            Christmas 727

christmas725.jpg     christmas726.jpg     christmas727.jpg

christmas725.pdf     christmas726.pdf     christmas727.pdf

christmas725.dot     christmas726.dot     christmas727.dot


Christmas Elf Presents Stationery   Christmas Holiday Elf with presents Free Stationery Downloadables   Holiday Christmas Stationery Free Download Templates

Christmas 719            Santa 720            Christmas 721

christmas719.jpg     christmas720.jpg     christmas721.jpg

christmas719.pdf     christmas720.pdf     christmas721.pdf

christmas719.dot     christmas720.dot     christmas721.dot


free holiday seasons eating christmas stationery papers   santa the stump of his pipe he held tight in his teeth   gold fillagree backs solid style happy holidays

Christmas 036            Santa 032            Christmas 52

christmas036.jpg       santa032.jpg       xmasstat52.jpg

christmas036.pdf       santa032.pdf       xmasstat52.pdf

christmas036.dot       santa032.dot       xmasstat52.dot


silver borders elegant xmas designs   peace on earth noel and joy   happy christmas eve candy canes

 Christmas 53          Christmas 54          Christmas 55

xmasstat53.jpg       xmasstat54.jpg       xmasstat55.jpg

xmasstat53.pdf       xmasstat54.pdf       xmasstat55.pdf

xmasstat53.dot       xmasstat54.dot       xmasstat55.dot


   old saint nick up on the roof top seasonal   abstract pointsettia nature flowers red and green   santa claus with his pack of toys for good girls and boys

 Christmas 56          Christmas 57          Christmas 685

xmasstat56.jpg        xmasstat57.jpg        xmas685.jpg

xmasstat56.pdf        xmasstat57.pdf        xmas685.pdf

xmasstat56.dot       xmasstat57.dot        xmas685.dot


winter nature holly border   candy and holly treats xmas goodies gumdrops   teddy bear santas clause december on the 12 days of christmas

Christmas 686          Christmas 687          Christmas 688

xmas686.jpg        xmas687.jpg        xmas688.jpg

xmas686.pdf        xmas687.pdf        xmas688.pdf

xmas686.dot        xmas687.dot        xmas688.dot


santas sleigh with reindeer to fly   oh holy night or silent nights with the fat jolly old elf   christmas trees and gifts with presents under the tree

Christmas 689          Christmas 690          Christmas 691

xmas689.jpg        xmas690.jpg        xmas691.jpg

xmas689.pdf        xmas690.pdf        xmas691.pdf

xmas689.dot        xmas690.dot        xmas691.dot



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